selection of anopheles dirus for refractoriness and susceptibility to plasmodium yoelii nigeriensis.two lines of the oriental malaria vector mosquito anopheles dirus species a (diptera: culicidae), one fully refractory and one fully susceptible to plasmodium yoelii nigeriensis (an african rodent malaria parasite), were established after 17 generations of mass selection, followed by single female selection for one or two generations. prior to selection, the stock colony of an. dirus was 17% refractory. both lines of an. dirus produced abundant ookinetes that started to invade the midgut within ...199910608223
trypsin and aminopeptidase activities in blood-fed females anopheles dirus (diptera: culicidae) of differing susceptibility to plasmodium yoelii nigeriensis.midgut proteolytic enzymes contribute to the success or failure of plasmodium infection of the mosquito. the present study investigated trypsin and aminopeptidase activities in the midgut of two strains of anopheles dirus selected for susceptibility and refractoriness to plasmodium yoelii nigeriensis. at intervals of 6 hours following a bloodmeal, the midguts of fully engorged female mosquitos were dissected, homogenized, and assayed for enzyme activity. no differences trypsin activity (nmole/mi ...200212757211
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