host selection patterns of some pakistan mosquitoes.the host selection patterns of 18 species of pakistan mosquitoes are described, emphasizing the presumed malaria vectors, anopheles culicifacies, an. fluviatilis, and an. stephensi, and the probable vectors of west nile virus, culex pipiens fatigans and cx. tritaeniorhynchus. all species tested, with the exception of cx, p. fatigans, were considered to be essentially zoophilic. few human feeds were recorded for an. annularis (0.7%), an. culicifacies (0.5%), an. fluviatilis (1.1%), an. nigerrimus ...1979110157
population dynamics of some pakistan mosquitoes: changes in adult relative abundance over time and space.time series and spatial changes in the relative abundance of 14 mosquito species were described from weekly or biweekly collections at nine localities in punjab province, pakistan, from january 1976 to june 1980. comparisons between indoor aspirator catches and outdoor mechanical sweeper collections enabled mosquito resting habits to be classified as: (1) endophilic (anopheles culicifacies, an. fluviatilis, an. stephensi, an. subpictus); (2) partially exophilic (an. annularis, an. pulcherrimus, ...19862873798
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