mosquito and arbovirus activity during 1997-2002 in a wetland in northeastern mississippi.the species composition and population dynamics of adult mosquitoes in a wetland near iuka, ms, were analyzed over a 6-yr period (1997-2002) and reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (pcr) detection rates of arboviruses determined during five of those years. blood meals of three likely vector species were identified using a pcr-based method that allows identification of the host to species. culex erraticus (dyar & knab) composed 51.9% of the population during the 6-yr period with 295 f ...200415185956
detection of west nile virus rna in mosquitoes and identification of mosquito blood meals collected at alligator farms in louisiana.since 2001, alligator farms in the united states have sustained substantial economic losses because of west nile virus (wnv) outbreaks in american alligators (alligator mississippiensis). once an initial infection is introduced into captive alligators, wnv can spread among animals by contaminative transmission. some outbreaks have been linked to feeding on infected meat or the introduction of infected hatchlings, but the initial source of wnv infection has been uncertain in other outbreaks. we c ...201020695278
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