bourbon virus in field-collected ticks, missouri, usa.bourbon virus (brbv) was first isolated in 2014 from a resident of bourbon county, kansas, usa, who died of the infection. in 2015, an ill payne county, oklahoma, resident tested positive for antibodies to brbv, before fully recovering. we retrospectively tested for brbv in 39,096 ticks from northwestern missouri, located 240 km from bourbon county, kansas. we detected brbv in 3 pools of amblyomma americanum (l.) ticks: 1 pool of male adults and 2 pools of nymphs. detection of brbv in a. america ...201729148395
surveillance for tick-borne viruses near the location of a fatal human case of bourbon virus (family orthomyxoviridae: genus thogotovirus) in eastern kansas, 2015.bourbon virus (family orthomyxoviridae: genus thogotovirus) was first isolated from a human case-patient residing in bourbon county, kansas, who subsequently died. before becoming ill in late spring of 2014, the patient reported several tick bites. in response, we initiated tick surveillance in bourbon county and adjacent southern linn county during spring and summer of 2015. we collected 20,639 host-seeking ticks representing four species from 12 sites. amblyomma americanum (l.) (acari: ixodida ...201829365128
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