morphological studies on adult mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) and first report of the potential zika virus vector aedes (stegomyia) unilineatus (theobald, 1906) in iran.beside numerous extensive studies on anophelinae mosquitoes of iran, little is known on aedes species in the country and existing reports are dispersed. the objective of this study was to identify adults of culicinae species occurring in the sistan and baluchestan province, southeast of iran, during 2012-2014. mosquito collections were carried out three times (may-june, september, october-november) in four counties by centers for diseases control (cdc) light traps and human landing catches outdo ...201628028709
american aedes vexans mosquitoes are competent vectors of zika virus.abstractstarting in 2013-2014, the americas have experienced a massive outbreak of zika virus (zikv) which has now reached at least 49 countries. although most cases have occurred in south america and the caribbean, imported and autochthonous cases have occurred in the united states. aedes aegypti and aedes albopictus mosquitoes are known vectors of zikv. little is known about the potential for temperate aedes mosquitoes to transmit zikv. aedes vexans has a worldwide distribution, is highly abun ...201728719283
potential of a northern population of aedes vexans (diptera: culicidae) to transmit zika virus.zika virus is an emerging arbovirus of humans in the western hemisphere. with its potential spread into new geographical areas, it is important to define the vector competence of native mosquito species. we tested the vector competency of aedes vexans (meigen) from the lake agassiz plain of northwestern minnesota and northeastern north dakota. aedes aegypti (l.) was used as a positive control for comparison. mosquitoes were fed blood containing zika virus and 2 wk later were tested for viral inf ...201728499036
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