vector competence of north american mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) for west nile virus.we evaluated the potential for several north american mosquito species to transmit the newly introduced west nile (wn) virus. mosquitoes collected in the new york city metropolitan area during the recent wn virus outbreak, at the assateague island wildlife refuge, va, or from established colonies were allowed to feed on chickens infected with wn virus isolated from a crow that died during the 1999 outbreak. these mosquitoes were tested approximately 2 wk later to determine infection, disseminati ...200111296813
discovery, distribution, and abundance of the newly introduced mosquito ochlerotatus japonicus (diptera: culicidae) in connecticut, usa.the earliest documented specimen of an exotic east asian mosquito ochlerotatus (finlaya) japonicis japonicus (theobald) in the western hemisphere is reported along with the results of a state wide survey to determine the distribution and abundance of this mosquito in connecticut. ochlerotatus japonicus was collected from 87 locations in eight counties. it is established throughout the state and occurs in a variety of natural and artificial container habitats including discarded tire casings, bir ...200111761373
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