eilat virus displays a narrow mosquito vector range.most alphaviruses are arthropod-borne and utilize mosquitoes as vectors for transmission to susceptible vertebrate hosts. this ability to infect both mosquitoes and vertebrates is essential for maintenance of most alphaviruses in nature. a recently characterized alphavirus, eilat virus (eilv), isolated from a pool of anopheles coustani s.i. is unable to replicate in vertebrate cell lines. the eilv host range restriction occurs at both attachment/entry as well as genomic rna replication levels. h ...201425515341
eilat virus induces both homologous and heterologous interference.most alphaviruses are mosquito-borne and exhibit a broad host range, infecting many different vertebrates including birds, rodents, equids, and humans. occasionally, alphaviruses can spill over into the human population and cause disease characterized by debilitating arthralgia or fatal encephalitis. recently, a unique alphavirus, eilat virus (eilv), was described that readily infects mosquito but not vertebrate cell lines. here, we investigated the ability of eilv to induce superinfection exclu ...201526068885
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