quantitative genetics of vector competence for dengue-2 virus in aedes aegypti.a quantitative genetic study of the ability of aedes aegypti to propagate dengue-2 (den-2) virus in the midgut and in a disseminated infection in the head was conducted with a standard half-sib breeding design. aedes aegypti aegypti and a. aegypti formosus differ markedly in oral susceptibility to den-2 virus. mosquitoes were orally infected and, after an extrinsic incubation period of 14 days, virus titer (by tissue culture infectious dose, 50% endpoint) was determined in the midgut (mt) and he ...19989886207
gene flow, subspecies composition, and dengue virus-2 susceptibility among aedes aegypti collections in senegal.aedes aegypti, the "yellow fever mosquito", is the primary vector to humans of the four serotypes of dengue viruses (denv1-4) and yellow fever virus (yfv) and is a known vector of chikungunya virus. there are two recognized subspecies of ae. aegypti sensu latu (s.l.): the presumed ancestral form, ae. aegypti formosus (aaf), a primarily sylvan mosquito in sub-saharan africa, and ae. aegypti aegypti (aaa), found globally in tropical and subtropical regions typically in association with humans. the ...200919365540
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