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multiplication of venezuelan equine encephalitis (mucambo) virus in cultured mosquito cells.venezuelan equine encephalitis (mucambo) virus was able to multiply at 28degree c in cultured mosquito cells (aedes aegypti and aedes albopictus) without inducing any apparent cytopathology. the kinetics of virus multiplication was similar in mosquito and mammalian (vero) cells. twelve to twenty four hours post-infection, a maximum of 10-50 per cent of the cells were engaged in virus production; however, almost immediately this proportion fell abruptly tending to stabilize in the order of 0.01 t ...1975813617
induction of venezuelan equine encephalitis (mucambo) virus by iododeoxyuridine in chronically infected 'cured' cultured mosquito cells.infection of cultured aedes aegypti mosquito cells with venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (mucambo subtype) results in the establishment of a chronic non-cytopathic infection. infected cells could be 'cured' when they were grown in the presence of immune serum for 3-4 passages. 'cured' cells could then be subcultured repeatedly, in the absence of immune serum, without showing any indication of infectious virus production. when 'cured' cells were exposed to 50 microgram/ml of 5-iodo-2-deoxyuri ...1977873741
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