experimental study of the reproduction of karshi virus (togaviridae, flavivirus) in some species of mosquitoes and ticks.the strain kaz-816 of karshi virus was isolated in 1976 from h. asiaticum ticks collected in the north of central asia (alma-ata region of the kazakh soviet socialist republic). both ticks and mosquitoes can be vectors of karshi virus as proved experimentally by reproduction of the virus in hyalomma asiaticum and dermacentor daghestanicus ticks and culex pipiens molestus, anopheles atroparvus an aedes aegypti mosquitoes as well as by transmission to newborn mice by the bite of infected mosquitoe ...19852864824
rapid identification of vector-borne flaviviruses by mass spectrometry.flaviviruses are a highly diverse group of rna viruses classified within the genus flavivirus, family flaviviridae. most flaviviruses are arthropod-borne, requiring a mosquito or tick vector. several flaviviruses are highly pathogenic to humans; however, their high genetic diversity and immunological relatedness makes them extremely challenging to diagnose. in this study, we developed and evaluated a broad-range flavivirus assay designed to detect both tick- and mosquito-borne flaviviruses by us ...201020412852
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