isolation of getah virus from mosquitos collected on hainan island, china, and results of a isolate of getah virus was obtained from culex mosquitos collected in mao'an village, baoting county, hainan province, china, in 1964. the virus (strain m-1) replicated in laboratory-bred aedes aegypti and cx. fatigans (= quinquefasciatus), and was transmitted by laboratory-bred ae. albopictus to healthy newborn albino mice. skeletal muscles of newborn albino mice experimentally infected with the virus showed degeneration, atrophy, necrosis, and inflammatory changes of muscle fibers. antibody ...19921338481
inheritance of oral susceptibility of aedes aegypti to chikungunya virus.a colony of rosy eye mutants of aedes aegypti was established. this strain was refractory to chikungunya virus by oral route of infection when compared with the wild-type parent strain. the refractoriness of this strain seems to be due to a mesentronal barrier, since both the mosquito strains supported the multiplication of virus after intrathoracic inoculation. the rosy eye strain was also found to be refractory to sagiyama virus (alphaviridae: getah virus subtype) when compared with wild-type ...19947943547
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