detection of francisella tularensis in alaskan mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) and assessment of a laboratory model for transmission.tularemia is a zoonotic disease caused by the category a bioterrorism agent francisella tularensis. in scandinavia, tularemia transmission by mosquitoes has been widely cited in the literature. we tested >2,500 mosquitoes captured in alaska and found francisella dna in 30% of pooled samples. to examine the potential for transmission of francisella by mosquitoes, we developed a mosquito model of francisella infection. larvae of anopheles gambiae giles and aedes aegypti (l.) readily ingest f. tula ...201020695280
francisella tularensis subspecies holarctica occurs in swedish mosquitoes, persists through the developmental stages of laboratory-infected mosquitoes and is transmissible during blood sweden, mosquitoes are considered the major vectors of the bacterium francisella tularensis subsp. holarctica, which causes tularaemia. the aim of this study was to investigate whether mosquitoes acquire the bacterium as aquatic larvae and transmit the disease as adults. mosquitoes sampled in a swedish area where tularaemia is endemic (örebro) were positive for the presence of f. tularensis deoxyribonucleic acid throughout the summer. presence of the clinically relevant f. tularensis subsp. h ...201324057273
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