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[wheat streak mosaic virus and biological properties of its vectors aceria tulipae keifer (acarina: eriophydae)]. 19674899375
[transmission of wheat streak mosaic virus by aceria tulipae keifer mites]. 19675619958
distribution of wheat streak mosaic virus-like particles in aceria tulipae. 19695784849
localization of wheat streak mosaic virus in the alimentary canal of its vector aceria tulipae keifer. 19676025881
genetic characterization of north american populations of the wheat curl mite and dry bulb mite.the wheat curl mite, aceria tosichella keifer, transmits at least three harmful viruses, wheat streak mosaic virus (wsmv), high plains virus (hpv), and triticum mosaic virus (trimv) to wheat (triticum aestivum l.) throughout the great plains. this virus complex is considered to be the most serious disease of winter wheat in the western great plains. one component of managing this disease has been developing mite resistance in wheat; however, identification of mite biotypes has complicated deploy ...201223156180
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