morbilliviruses in aquatic mammals: report on round table discussion.a workshop was organised to ascertain the current situation with regard to morbillivirus infections in aquatic animals. the great interest generated by the discovery of these new virus infections in 1988 has to some extent abated but much high quality research has continued in this field as the workshop showed. there is some serological evidence that the viruses have continued to circulate in most areas since the initial epizootics. as to their origin, it appears that the most likely source of t ...19958588320
an insight into the epidemiology of dolphin morbillivirus worldwide.serum samples from 288 cetaceans representing 25 species and originating from 11 different countries were collected between 1995 and 1999 and examined for the presence of dolphin morbillivirus (dmv)-specific antibodies by an indirect elisa (ielisa) (n = 267) or a plaque reduction assay (n = 21). a total of 35 odontocetes were seropositive: three harbour porpoises (phocoena phocoena) and a common dolphin (delphinus delphis) from the northeastern (ne) atlantic, a bottlenose dolphin (tursiops trunc ...200111390111
morbillivirus and pilot whale deaths, mediterranean outbreak of a lethal morbillivirus infection of long-finned pilot whales occurred in the mediterranean sea from the end of october 2006 through april 2007. sequence analysis of a 426-bp conserved fragment of the morbillivirus phosphoprotein gene indicates that the virus is more closely related to dolphin morbillivirus than to pilot whale morbillivirus.200818439363
phylogenetic analysis of a new cetacean morbillivirus from a short-finned pilot whale stranded in the canary islands.cetacean morbillivirus (cemv) is considered the most pathogenic virus in cetaceans. three strains have been already described: the dolphin morbillivirus (dmv), the porpoise morbillivirus (pmv) and the tentatively named pilot whale morbillivirus (pwmv). this study describes the molecular characterization of a strain of cemv detected in the brain of a short-finned pilot whale that had stranded in the eastern atlantic ocean around the canary islands and that showed lesions compatible with morbilliv ...201120576281
genetic comparison among dolphin morbillivirus in the 1990-1992 and 2006-2008 mediterranean 1990, dolphin morbillivirus (dmv) killed thousands of striped dolphins in the mediterranean. subsequently, the prevalence of the infection declined in this species. in 2006-2008, the virus killed not only numerous striped dolphins but also long-finned pilot whales. all partial sequences of the phosphoprotein and nucleoprotein genes obtained thus far from different host species during the 2006-2008 outbreak show 100% identity, suggesting that a single virus was involved, and these sequences ar ...201121888991
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