use of a commercial serologic test for angiostrongylus vasorum for the detection of a. chabaudi in wildcats and a. daskalovi in badgers.three species of the genus angiostrongylus are known to infect european carnivores: a. vasorum (mainly in canids but also in other carnivores), a. chabaudi (in felids) and a. daskalovi (in mustelids). a. vasorum is responsible for clinically severe disease in domestic dogs, most commonly diagnosed based on fecal examination and serological detection of circulating antigens. considering the poorly known host range and the challenging larval differentiation in the feces between the three species o ...201728043379
a rare cardiopulmonary parasite of the european badger, meles meles: first description of the larvae, ultrastructure, pathological changes and molecular identification of angiostrongylus daskalovi janchev & genov 1988.angiostrongylus daskalovi is a rare cardiopulmonary nematode infecting badgers. the parasite was described in 1988 and, since then, found only once in mustelids in europe. the present study aims to report new cases of patent a. daskalovi infection in badgers from northern romania and to provide new information on its ultrastructure, molecular diagnosis, and pathology.201627485118
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