effect of interferons on the replication of alcelaphine herpesvirus-1 of malignant catarrhal fever.four isolates of alcelaphine herpesvirus-1 of malignant catarrhal fever (mcf) were tested for their inducibility of and sensitivity to various interferons. viral isolates from an indian gaur (bos gaurus), a greater kudu (tragelaphus strepsiceros) and two wildebeest (connochaetes gnou) calves did not induce measurable interferon (ifn) in bovine fetal kidney cells. however, these low passages of each virus were all highly cell-associated and viral replication was inhibited at these passages by ifn ...19882457716
electron microscopic study of the african strain of malignant catarrhal fever virus in bovine cell cultures.malignant catarrhal fever (african strain) is a viral disease of ruminants which is considered an exotic disease in the united states. viral isolates obtained from one clinically ill gaur (bos gaurus) and a greater kudu (tragelaphus strepsiceros) located in a zoologic park in oklahoma, and from one heifer (bos taurus) and a domestic white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus) experimentally inoculated with the isolated and identified african strain of malignant catarrhal fever virus (mcfv), were ...19827073076
gamma herpesvirus carrier status of captive artiodactyls.between 1998 and 2000, 103 individuals of 19 species of the order artiodactyla at whipsnade wild animal park were tested for evidence of infection with gamma herpesviruses in order to distinguish between species which are susceptible to malignant catarrhal fever (mcf), caused by alcelaphine herpesvirus-1 (alhv-1) of wildebeest (connochaetes sp.) or ovine herpesvirus-2 (ovhv-2) of domestic sheep, and species which carry related viruses sub-clinically. gamma herpesvirus dna was detected in the kno ...200212208112
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