variation in the sensitivity of successive variable antigen types in a trypanosoma (trypanozoon) brucei subspecies clone to some african game animal sera.a trypanosoma brucei subspecies clone was passaged in rats at ten-day intervals and the sensitivity/resistance to a variety of mammalian sera, of the successive variable antigen types (vats) produced, was examined sequentially in a modified version of the blood incubation infectivity test (biit). a proven homogeneous vat was used to initiate this series of tests, in which seven successive and different vats were each exposed in vitro at 38.5 degrees c for 2 h to standard samples of pooled rat se ...19816115551
the effects of different eland and waterbuck sera on trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense clones from lion and from man. 19826764401
effects of some african game animal sera on trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense and t.b. brucei clones.the effects of different african game sera on trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense and t.b. brucei clones have been studied in vitro and in vivo, for the first time, using a modified version of the blood incubation infectivity test (biit). trypanosomes were incubated in vitro with serum samples from a number of different game animal species and their subsequent infectivity for proven susceptible rats then examined after one hour and 8 hours of serum incubation. sera from eland, waterbuck and, to a les ...19827051497
african buffalo serum contains novel trypanocidal protein.the high ability of african buffalo, as compared to domestic cattle, to control infections with trypanosoma brucei brucei iltat 1.4 organisms did not correlate with the timing or magnitude of parasite surface coat-specific antibody responses and may have resulted from the constitutive presence in buffalo blood of a novel trypanocidal factor. buffalo plasma and serum contained material that killed bloodstream stage t. b. brucei, t. b. rhodesiense, t. b. gambiense, t. evansi, t. congolense, and t. ...19948167620
the effect of host blood in the in vitro transformation of bloodstream trypanosomes by tsetse midgut homogenates.midgut homogenates prepared from glossina morsitans morsitans, that had previously been fed on different host blood samples, were tested for their abilities to transform bloodstream trypanosoma brucei into procyclic (midgut) forms in vitro. compared to rat and goat blood samples, eland blood had the least capacity to support trypanosome transformation, whereas buffalo blood showed intermediate capacity. fractionation of rat blood showed the importance of the cellular portion since both rat and e ...19968994132
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