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seroprevalence of infectious diseases in saiga antelope (saiga tatarica tatarica) in kazakhstan 2012-2014.286 serum samples were collected from three sub-populations of saiga in kazakhstan (betpakdala, ustyurt and volga-ural) between 2012 and 2014, and were tested for the presence of antibodies to brucella spp., bluetongue virus, peste des petits ruminants (ppr) virus, akabane virus, schmallenberg virus, chlamydophila, toxoplasma, mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis and coxiella burnetii (q fever). seropositives to coxiella burnetii of saiga were detected and the adjusted seroprevalence ...201627094147
paratuberculosis in saiga antelope (saiga tatarica) and experimental transmission to domestic sheep.mycobacterium paratuberculosis was isolated in low numbers from the small intestine and associated mesenteric lymph nodes of a saiga antelope (saiga tatarica) using routine culture techniques in spite of histologic evidence of high numbers of acid-fast bacteria in these tissues. two newborn domestic sheep were fed the ground intestinal tissue containing acid-fast bacteria and the progression of the experimental disease was followed by fecal culture, immunodiffusion (agid) and lymphocyte stimulat ...19921602565
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