mother to offspring transmission of chronic wasting disease in reeves' muntjac deer.the horizontal transmission of prion diseases has been well characterized in bovine spongiform encephalopathy (bse), chronic wasting disease (cwd) of deer and elk and scrapie of sheep, and has been regarded as the primary mode of transmission. few studies have monitored the possibility of vertical transmission occurring within an infected mother during pregnancy. to study the potential for and pathway of vertical transmission of cwd in the native cervid species, we used a small cervid model-the ...201323977159
infectious prions in the pregnancy microenvironment of chronic wasting disease-infected reeves' muntjac deer.ample evidence exists for the presence of infectious agents at the maternal-fetal interface, often with grave outcomes to the developing fetus (i.e., zika virus, brucella, cytomegalovirus, and toxoplasma). while less studied, pregnancy-related transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (tses) have been implicated in several species, including humans. our previous work has shown that prions can be transferred from mother to offspring, resulting in the development of clinical tse disease in offspri ...201728539446
aspects of the husbandry and management of captive a continuing effort to better understand the transmission and persistence of chronic wasting disease in wild populations of cervids, colorado state university, fort collins houses two species of deer indoors to study the pathogenesis of chronic wasting disease. here we report key aspects regarding the husbandry and medication of reeves' muntjac and white-tailed deer in captivity for research purposes.201627003353
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