epidemiologic relatedness between brucella abortus isolates from livestock and wildlife in south investigate the epidemiologic relatedness of brucella abortus isolates from chinese water deer (hydropotes inermis) and goral (naemorhedus goral raddeanus) in 2010-2011, 22l isolates from livestock (including domestic elk, cervus canadensis) were analyzed using the multilocus variable-number tandem repeats analysis. in the clustering analysis, korean b. abortus isolates were divided into 40 genotypes by 18 markers, and 2 b. abortus isolates from wildlife were clustered with those of domestic ...201323568927
epidemiological survey for brucella in wildlife and stray dogs, a cat and rodents captured on farms.brucella infections in wildlife originate either from contact with infected livestock or from a natural sustainable reservoir in wildlife populations. as south korea has set a goal of brucellosis eradication by 2013, it is necessary to determine the prevalence of brucella in wildlife and wild rodents. this information will play an important role in the control of brucellosis. because of the absence of prominent clinical signs, direct and indirect laboratory tests are essential for diagnosing bru ...201121828960
pathogens in water deer (hydropotes inermis) in south korea, 2010-12.water deer (hydropotes inermis) are among the most common wildlife to approach farmhouses and livestock barns in korea. we collected 305 water deer from gangwon (n=168), south chungcheong (n=89), and gyeongsang (n=48) provinces in 2010-12 and used pcr and serologic tests to screen the deer for pathogens. in 2010, tests for bovine viral diarrhea virus (bvdv), rotavirus, and brucella abortus were positive in 8% (5/60), 2% (1/60), and 59% (33/56) of the animals, respectively. in 2010, the water dee ...201424779466
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