surveillance of chronic wasting disease in sika deer, cervus nippon, from tokachi district in hokkaido.surveillance of chronic wasting disease (cwd) was conducted by performing western blot analysis of tissue samples from 136 sika deer (cervus nippon) killed by hunters in the tokachi district of hokkaido island. no prion protein (prpsc) associated with cwd was detected in any of the samples. to assess amino acid polymorphisms of the sika deer prp gene, nucleotide sequencing of the prp gene was performed. the only amino acid polymorphisms detected were 3 silent mutations at nucleotide positions 63 ...200515805745
molecular cloning and sequence analysis of prion protein gene in xiji donkey in china.prion diseases are a group of human and animal neurodegenerative disorders caused by the deposition of an abnormal isoform prion protein (prp(sc)) encoded by a single copy prion protein gene (prnp). prion disease has been reported in many herbivores but not in equus and the species barrier might be playing a role in resistance of these species to the disease. therefore, analysis of genotype of prion protein (prp) in these species may help understand the transmission of the disease. xiji donkey i ...201323954254
the role of genetics in chronic wasting disease of north american cervids.chronic wasting disease (cwd) is a major concern for the management of north american cervid populations. this fatal prion disease has led to declines in populations which have high cwd prevalence and areas with both high and low infection rates have experienced economic losses in wildlife recreation and fears of potential spill-over into livestock or humans. research from human and veterinary medicine has established that the prion protein gene (prnp) encodes the protein responsible for transmi ...201222460693
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