parapoxvirus of red deer: evidence for its inclusion as a new member in the genus parapoxvirus.there are three accepted members of the parapoxvirus genus, orf virus (ov), papular stomatitis virus (psv), and pseudocowpox virus (pcv). ov is maintained in sheep and goats and psv and pcv in cattle. restriction endonuclease profiles of the dna derived from representatives of these established members of the genus were compared with profiles from a parapoxvirus recently isolated from red deer. in no case did the profile of this latter virus (dpv) resemble those generated from the other parapoxv ...19957747456
molecular genetic analyses of parapoxviruses pathogenic for humans.the current members of the genus parapoxvirus are orf virus (orfv), bovine papular stomatitis virus (bpsv), pseudocowpoxvirus (pcpv) and parapoxvirus of red deer in new zealand (pvnz). bpsv and pcpv are maintained in cattle while orfv is maintained in sheep and goats, but all three are zoonoses. only the recently reported pvnz has yet to be recorded as infecting humans. tentative members of the genus are camel contagious ecthyma virus, chamois contagious ecthyma virus and sealpoxvirus. the separ ...19979413523
detection and diagnosis of parapoxvirus by the polymerase chain reaction.the genus parapoxvirus includes four members, bovine papular stomatitis virus (bpsv), pseudocowpox virus (pcpv), orf virus (orfv) and parapoxvirus of red deer in new zealand (pvnz). a set of primers for polymerase chain reaction (pcr) was designed to detect viral dna from cells infected with each of the four parapoxviruses. the set of primers resulted in the amplification of appropriately sized products from cells infected with bpsv, pcpv, orfv and pvnz, respectively. the pcr method was applied ...200010680970
characterization of sealpox virus, a separate member of the parapoxviruses.a disease outbreak characterized by lesions of the skin and mucosa of the oral cavity was recognized in harbor seals ( phoca vitulina) from the german north sea. using electron microscopy typical parapoxvirus particles were observed. the presence of parapoxvirus was confirmed by pcr and nucleotide sequencing of part of the putative major envelope protein coding gene. comparative sequence analysis revealed that the virus from seal is significantly different from the established parapoxvirus speci ...200212111424
isolation and partial characterization of a parapoxvirus isolated from a skin lesion of a weddell seal.a solitary skin lesion was found on the neck of a weddell seal (leptonychotes weddellii), chemically immobilized in queen maud land (70 degrees 09's, 05 degrees 22'e) antarctica 2001. the lesion was elevated and 3cm in diameter, consisting of partly fresh and partly necrotic tissue, and proliferative papilloma-like structures were seen. electron microscopy on a biopsy from the lesion revealed typical parapoxvirus particles. polymerase chain reaction (pcr; b2l gene) generated amplicons of approxi ...200515681058
pathology and preliminary characterization of a parapoxvirus isolated from a california sea lion (zalophus californianus).cutaneous pox-like lesions are a common complication in the rehabilitation of pinnipeds. however, the exact identity, taxonomy, and host range of pinniped parapoxviruses remain unknown. during a poxvirus outbreak in may 2003 in california sea lions (zalophus californianus) at a marine mammal rehabilitation facility, multiple raised, firm, 1-3-cm skin nodules from the head, neck, and thorax of one sea lion weanling pup that spontaneously died were collected. histologically, the nodules were chara ...200616699145
orf virus infection in a hunter in western austria, presumably transmitted by game.a variety of animals host parapoxviruses. orf virus is prevalent in sheep and goats in the tyrol region of austria and northern italy. zoonotic infections in humans mostly occur after occupational exposure. we report here a case of a hunter with a typical orf lesion (contagious ecthyma) on the finger, with no history of direct contact with domestic animals. three weeks previously he had been hunting chamois (rupicapra rupicapra) and cut his finger while handling a carcass. parapoxvirus infection ...201423995221
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