trypanosoma cervi sp. n. from elk (cervus canadensis) in wyoming.trypanosoma cervi sp. n. is described from 22 trypomastigote syntypes from the blood of elk, cervus canadensis, in north america (type locality: wyoming). the blood trypomatigotes of t. cervi are compared with various culture forms: epimastigotes in 22 to 25 c nnn cultures; trypomastigotes in 37 c nnn cultures; and trypomastigotes from cam chick embryo (10-day) cultures. trypanosoma cervi is differentiated on morphological grounds from the cosmopolitan bovine species, t. theileri, and from t. in ...19751117365
infection of c57bl/6 mice by trypanosoma musculi modulates host immune responses during brucella abortus cocolonization.brucellosis, which results in fetal abortions in domestic and wildlife animal populations, is of major concern in the us and throughout much of the world. the disease, caused by brucella abortus, poses an economic threat to agriculture-based communities. a moderately efficacious live attenuated vaccine (b. abortus strain rb51) exists. however, even with vaccine use, outbreaks occur. evidence suggests that elk (cervus canadensis), a wild host reservoir, are the source of recent outbreaks in domes ...201424171573
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