survey of colorado's wild ruminants for serologic titers to brucellosis and leptospirosis.a 10-year survey for serologic titers to brucellosis and leptospirosis in mule deer ( odocoileus hemionus ), elk ( cervus canadensis ), and antelope ( antilocapra americana ) in colorado is summarized. over 10,000 blood samples were tested against brucella abortus and 4,747 samples were tested against leptospira pomona . a total of 1,761 blood samples were tested against l. canicola , l. grippotyphosa , l. hardjo , l. icterohemorrhagiae . all results were considered negative.197724228967
yersinia enterocolitica: an unlikely cause of positive brucellosis tests in greater yellowstone ecosystem bison (bison bison).yersinia enterocolitica serotype o:9 has identical o-antigens to those of brucella abortus and has apparently caused false-positive reactions in numerous brucellosis serologic tests in elk (cervus canadensis) from southwest montana. we investigated whether a similar phenomenon was occurring in brucellosis antibody-positive bison (bison bison) using y. enterocolitica culturing techniques and multiplex pcr of four diagnostic loci. feces from 53 yellowstone bison culled from the population and 113 ...201222740518
epidemiologic relatedness between brucella abortus isolates from livestock and wildlife in south investigate the epidemiologic relatedness of brucella abortus isolates from chinese water deer (hydropotes inermis) and goral (naemorhedus goral raddeanus) in 2010-2011, 22l isolates from livestock (including domestic elk, cervus canadensis) were analyzed using the multilocus variable-number tandem repeats analysis. in the clustering analysis, korean b. abortus isolates were divided into 40 genotypes by 18 markers, and 2 b. abortus isolates from wildlife were clustered with those of domestic ...201323568927
infection of c57bl/6 mice by trypanosoma musculi modulates host immune responses during brucella abortus cocolonization.brucellosis, which results in fetal abortions in domestic and wildlife animal populations, is of major concern in the us and throughout much of the world. the disease, caused by brucella abortus, poses an economic threat to agriculture-based communities. a moderately efficacious live attenuated vaccine (b. abortus strain rb51) exists. however, even with vaccine use, outbreaks occur. evidence suggests that elk (cervus canadensis), a wild host reservoir, are the source of recent outbreaks in domes ...201424171573
comparison of buffered, acidified plate antigen to standard serologic tests for the detection of serum antibodies to brucella abortus in elk (cervus canadensis).brucellosis (caused by the bacterium brucella abortus) is a zoonotic disease endemic in wild elk (cervus canadensis) of the greater yellowstone ecosystem, us. because livestock and humans working with elk or livestock are at risk, validated tests to detect the b. abortus antibody in elk are needed. using the κ-statistic, we evaluated the buffered, acidified plate antigen (bapa) assay for agreement with the results of the four serologic tests (card test [card], complement fixation test [cf], riva ...201525984771
vaccination of elk (cervus canadensis) with brucella abortus strain rb51 overexpressing superoxide dismutase and glycosyltransferase genes does not induce adequate protection against experimental brucella abortus recent years, elk (cervus canadensis) have been implicated as the source of brucella abortus infection for numerous cattle herds in the greater yellowstone area. in the face of environmental and ecological changes on the landscape, the range of infected elk is expanding. consequently, the development of effective disease management strategies for wild elk herds is of utmost importance, not only for the prevention of reintroduction of brucellosis to cattle, but also for the overall health of t ...201626904509
the existing and potential importance of brucellosis and tuberculosis in canadian wildlife: a the campaign to eradicate bovine brucellosis (brucella abortus) and tuberculosis (mycobacterium bovis) in canadian livestock nears completion, the importance of extraneous sources of these diseases increases. this review summarizes the literature on brucellosis and tuberculosis in canadian wildlife species to determine existing and potential hosts. canadian caribou (rangifer tarandus) are reservoirs of brucella suis biotype 4 which is pathogenic in caribou, humans and muskoxen but reportedly ...198617422637
brucellosis in elk i. serologic and bacteriologic survey in wyoming.incidence of brucellosis in elk (cervus canadensis) on two winter feedgrounds in wyoming was examined over a 5-year period by testing serum samples using the standard plate agglutination (spt) buffered brucella antigen (bba), rivanol (riv) and complement fixation (cft) tests. thirty-one percent of 1,165 elk were positive by defined criteria. considering each test individually, only 29% (106) of 370 positive sera would have been classified as reactors by the spt, 83% (307) by the bba test and 86% ...1978416232
estimating loss of brucella abortus antibodies from age-specific serological data in elk.serological data are one of the primary sources of information for disease monitoring in wildlife. however, the duration of the seropositive status of exposed individuals is almost always unknown for many free-ranging host species. directly estimating rates of antibody loss typically requires difficult longitudinal sampling of individuals following seroconversion. instead, we propose a bayesian statistical approach linking age and serological data to a mechanistic epidemiological model to infer ...201728508154
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