bluetongue in europe and the role of wildlife in the epidemiology of disease.the article reviews a current bluetongue (bt) epidemiological situation in europe, bt restricted zones and the role of wild ungulates as a reservoir for bluetongue virus (btv) and its transmission. bt has been eradicated from central and northern europe, however it is still circulating in some regions of southern and south-eastern europe. according to the recent information of the directoriate general for health and consumer affairs (dg sanco) disease caused by btv1 was spreading at the beginnin ...201526172200
bluetongue virus in pregnant elk and their calves.two pregnant north american elk (cervus canadensis), in the 3rd and 4th months of gestation, were inoculated with bluetongue (bt) virus (btv) serotype 11. the virus was not isolated from the blood of the cows beyond postinoculation day (pid) 8, but was isolated from bone marrow and spleen samples obtained at necropsy on pid 190. although neither cow had overt clinical signs of bt infection, fluctuations in specific neutralizing btv antibody titers indicated viral replication. however, in 2 attem ...19826280527
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