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serological survey of bovine brucellosis in fulani nomadic cattle breeds (bos indicus) of north-central nigeria: potential risk factors and zoonotic implications.a cross sectional study was conducted to investigate seroprevalence and associated risk factors of bovine brucellosis in fulani nomadic herds in the 3 agro-ecological zones of niger state, north-central nigeria between january and august 2013. a total of 672 cattle in 113 herds were screened for brucella antibodies using rose bengal plate test (rbpt) and confirmed by lateral flow assay (lfa). data on herd characteristics and zoonotic factors were collected using structured questionnaire administ ...201626464048
monocyte-derived macrophages from zebu (bos taurus indicus) are more efficient to control brucella abortus intracellular survival than macrophages from european cattle (bos taurus taurus).brucellosis is one of the most important zoonotic diseases in the world. considering its strict zoonotic nature, understanding of the pathogenesis and immunity of brucella spp. in natural animal hosts is essential to prevent human infections. natural resistance against brucellosis has been demonstrated in cattle, and it is associated with the ability of macrophages to prevent intracellular replication of brucella abortus. identification of breeds that are resistant to b. abortus may contribute f ...201223270587
effect of polymorphisms in the slc11a1 coding region on resistance to brucellosis by macrophages in vitro and after challenge in two bos breeds (blanco orejinegro and zebu).the resistance/susceptibility of selected cattle breeds to brucellosis was evaluated in an f1 population generated by crossing animals classified as resistant (r) and susceptible (s) (r x r, r x s, s x r, s x s) based on challenges in vitro and in vivo. the association between single nucleotide polymorphisms identified in the coding region of the slc11a1 gene and resistance/susceptibility was estimated. the trait resistance or susceptibility to brucellosis, evaluated by a challenge in vitro, sho ...201021637417
bovine slc11a1 3' utr sscp genotype evaluated by a macrophage in vitro killing assay employing a brucella abortus strain.the 3' untranslated region (3' utr) of the bovine natural resistance-associated macrophage gene (nramp1 or slc11a1) was genotyped in colombian creole blanco orejinegro (bon) (bos taurus) (n = 140) and zebu brahman (bos indicus) (z) (n = 20) cattle and their crosses (bon x zebu brahman [b x z] [n = 10]; zebu brahman x bon [z x b] [n = 10]), and in animals from a holstein x bon (h x b) (n = 10) cross. direct sequencing and single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis (sscp) helped in detecting ...200818717968
investigations on the prevalence of bovine tuberculosis and brucellosis in dairy cattle in dar es salaam region and in zebu cattle in lugoba area, tanzania.a study between august 1995 and december 1997 included 343 dairy cattle on 20 farms in the dar es salaam region and 2289 zebu cattle on 39 bomas in the lugoba area (coast region). the aim was to establish the prevalence of bovine tuberculosis (mycobacterium bovis) and bovine brucellosis (brucella abortus). in the single intradermal tuberculin test (sit), 0.9% (3/343) of the animals in dar es salaam tested positive and 1.2% (4/343) were doubtful. positive reactors were found in 10% (2/20) of the ...200010907285
application of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for epidemiological studies of diseases of livestock in the tropics of mexico.this study was conducted at the centre for research, teaching and extension in tropical livestock (centro de investigación, enseñanza y extensión en ganadería tropical) of the faculty of veterinary medicine of the national autonomous university of mexico. during the latter part of 1986 and throughout 1988 and 1989, the herd of holstein x zebu cattle at the university was tested for igg antibodies to twenty-one viral, bacterial, rickettsial and parasitic agents. antigens prepared from twenty infe ...19938219327
[use of the b19 strain in the prevention of bovine brucellosis in northern cameroon. study of effect of the dose on seroconversion rate and duration in female zebu].four herds of zebus from northern cameroon totalling 136 animals were vaccinated subcutaneously with the following doses of brucella abortus strain 19: 5 x 10(9) colony-forming units (cfu), 10(9) cfu, 5 x 10(8) cfu and 10(7) cfu. twenty-eight days after vaccination, the following seroconversion rates were observed respectively: 97.4, 96.2 84.2 and 73.3%. of the 52 animals which could be tested subsequently including 39 over one year old on the vaccination day, only one showed antibodies 6 months ...19957569229
pathological findings in the bulbourethral glands of bulls.the bulbourethral glands of 323 bos indicus or b. indicus crossbred bulls more than 1 1/2 years old were examined in an abattoir study. bulbourethral adenitis was diagnosed grossly and confirmed by histological examination in 4 (1.2%). unilateral chronic interstitial inflammation was seen in 2 cases; one of these was associated with a degenerative-type seminal vesiculitis. in the others adenitis was bilateral; in one case it was associated with a concretion and foreign (plant) material in the pr ...19883190590
the prevalence of antibodies of brucella abortus, dermatophilus congolensis and bovine leukaemia virus in nigerian slaughter a pilot survey to compare the relative prevalence of three diseases in apparently healthy white fulani zebu (wfz) cattle slaughtered in nigeria, sera from 80 randomly selected animals with no significant gross lesions on ante mortem and post mortem inspection were examined for antibodies to brucella abortus, dermatophilus congolensis and bovine leukaemia virus. of the samples screened, 5.0, 8.8 and 2.0% showed serological evidence for brucellosis, cutaneous streptothricosis and bovine leukosi ...19873031868
humoral factors of natural resistance of bos indicus cattle selected for antibody titre to brucella abortus.the concentration of lysozyme, total immunoglobulin and bactericidal activity were measured in sera of bos indicus cattle, retrospectively screened for specific antibodies to brucella abortus and classified as being positive reactors or negative reactors. in addition, the effect of complement in the sera was studied to demonstrate complement dependence of antibody-mediated bacterial killing. it was observed that, under the test conditions, serum bactericidal activity and concentration of total i ...19921514060
suppression of antibody response to leptospira biflexa and brucella abortus and recovery from immunosuppression after berenil treatment.zebu cattle infected with either trypanosoma congolense eatro 1800 or trypanosoma vivax eatro 1721 had suppressed humoral immune responses to leptospira biflexa injected intravenously and to attenuated brucella abortus injected subcutaneously. t. congolense infections were more suppressive than t. vivax infections. in cattle infected with t. vivax, the suppression of immune responses to both bacterial immunogens was abrogated when the animals were treated with berenil at the time of antigen admi ...1979118933
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