hprs-103 (exogenous avian leukosis virus, subgroup j) has an env gene related to those of endogenous elements eav-0 and e51 and an e element found previously only in sarcoma viruses.the avian leukosis and sarcoma virus (alsv) group comprises eight subgroups based on envelope properties. hprs-103, an exogenous retrovirus recently isolated from meat-type chicken lines, is similar to the viruses of these subgroups in group antigen but differs from them in envelope properties and has been assigned to a new subgroup, j. hprs-103 has a wide host range in birds, and unlike other nontransforming alsvs which cause late-onset b-cell lymphomas, hprs-103 causes late-onset myelocytomas. ...19957815543
comparison of the small rnas of polymerase-deficient and polymerase-positive rous sarcoma virus and another species of avian retrovirus.the small rnas contained in virions of avian leukosis and sarcoma viruses are a virus-specific subset of the total small rna population of the host cell. the reverse transcriptase protein must be present in the budding virion for this selection to take place. virions of the alpha form of the bryan strain of rous sarcoma virus, which lack detectable reverse transcriptase, incorporated an unselected population of small rnas identical to total chicken cell small rna. virions of reticuloendotheliosi ...197987521
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