genome characterization of a novel chicken picornavirus distantly related to the members of genus avihepatovirus with a single 2a protein and a megrivirus-like 3' utr.the members of the genus avihepatovirus and related picornaviruses ("aalivius") of ducks, turkey and chickens possess identical 2a peptide composition including three functionally unrelated 2a peptides which is a characteristic genome feature of these monophyletic avian picornaviruses. the complete genome of a novel picornavirus provisionally named orivirus a1 (km203656) from a cloacal sample of a 4-week-old diarrheic chicken (gallus gallus domesticus) distantly related to members of genus avihe ...201425445649
chickens host diverse picornaviruses originated from potential interspecies transmission with recombination.while chickens are an important reservoir for emerging pathogens such as avian influenza viruses, little is known about the diversity of picornaviruses in poultry. we discovered a previously unknown diversity of picornaviruses in chickens in hong kong. picornaviruses were detected in 87 cloacal and 7 tracheal samples from 93 of 900 chickens by reverse transcription-pcr, with their partial 3d(pol) gene sequences forming five distinct clades (i to v) among known picornaviruses. analysis of eight g ...201424906980
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