studies of sarcocystis in malaysia. ii. comparative ultrastructure of the cyst wall and zoites of sarcocystis levinei and sarcocystis fusiformis from the water buffalo, bubalus bubalis.the two species of sarcocystis--s. levinei and s. fusiformis from the water buffalo, bubalus bubalis, show some ultrastructural similarities in their cyst wall and zoites. the zoites of both species are of about the same size, banana-shaped and have 22 subpellicular microtubules, numerous micronemes, eight rhoptries, a micropore in the region of the micronemes, an elongated mitochondrion, and a nucleus. s. levinei has 200--300 micronemes and s. fusiformis has about 400. the sarcocysts of both sp ...1978104463
studies on sarcocystis in malaysia. i. sarcocystis levinei n. sp. from the water buffalo bubalus bubalis.light and electron microscopic studies and feeding experiments have confirmed the presence of two species of sarcocystis in the water buffalo bubalus bubalis. one is the already known species with large macroscopic sarcocysts, sarcocystis fusiformia (railliet, 1897) bernard and bauche, 1912 and the other is s. levinei n. sp. which is being described in detail. the sarcocysts of s. levinei are 0.9 x 0.1 mm and the zoites in them 17.8 x 4.2 micrometer. ultrastructurally, the primary cyst wall show ...1978417481
host resistance and faecal sporocyst excretion in dogs exposed to repeated infection with sarcocystis levinei.a marked reduction in the faecal excretion of sporocysts was observed in experimental pups, following the repeated oral administration to them of buffalo cardiac muscle infected with sarcocystis levinei. sporocysts excreted from days 9 to 25 post-infection (pi) exhibited a gradual reduction in the quantum. maximum intensity of excretion of sporocysts was recorded between days 9 and 16 pi, becoming moderate after day 16, light after day 21 and completely absent after day 36. after the subsequent ...19873109115
sporocyst output in dogs fed sarcocysts of sarcocystis levinei of the buffalo (bubalus bubalis).four dogs shed 21 35 900, 49 32 600, 29 59 800 and 37 57 200 sporocysts between 15 and 74 days after being fed bubaline oesophagus which was naturally infected with sarcocystis levinei.19883133868
redescription of sarcocystis levinei dissanaike and kan, 1978 (protozoa: sarcocystidae) of the water buffalo (bubalus bubalis).sarcocystis levinei dissanaike and kan, 1978, is redescribed because the original description was a mixture of 2 species, the amended s. levinei and the newly recognized s. buffalonis huong, dubey, nikkilä, and uggla, 1997. in histological sections, s. levinei sarcocysts are microscopic, up to 640 microm long and up to 95 microm wide. ultrastructurally, the cyst wall is thin (< 1.0 microm thick) with a minute undulating surface and smooth, hairlike villar protrusions arising at irregular distanc ...19979406792
sarcocystis levinei infection in philippine water buffaloes (bubalus bubalis).ultrastructural studies of sarcocysts obtained from philippine water buffaloes revealed the presence of the commonly reported macroscopic species, sarcocystis fusiformis, and the microscopic species sarcocystis levinei (dissanaike a, kan s. studies on sarcocystis in malaysia. i: sarcocystis levinei n.sp. from the water buffalo bubalus bubalis. z parasitenkd 1978;55:127-38), (huong l, dubey j, uggla a. redescription of sarcocystis levinei dissanaike and kan, 1978 (protozoa: sarcocystidae) of the ...200011227764
sarcocystis spp infection in philippine water buffaloes (bubalus bubalis).in a survey of sarcocysts in muscle tissues obtained from 142 water buffaloes, 65% of the carcasses had sarcocysts. macroscopic and two forms of microscopic sarcocysts, the spindle-shaped or fusiform sarcocysts commonly occurring in the muscles of the esophagus, throat and limbs, and the globular to oval-shaped sarcocysts which were the dominant form in the diaphragm and cervical muscle tissues were noted. ultrastructural analysis of macroscopic and microscopic sarcocysts and their cyst wall rev ...200011414458
prevalence, biology, and distribution pattern of sarcocystis infection in water buffalo (bubalus bubalis) in iran.this study was conducted to determine the prevalence, distribution pattern, and the sarcocystis species involved in slaughtered water buffaloes (bubalus bubalis) in the khuzestan, iran by macroscopic and histological examination. the esophagus, heart, diaphragm, tongue, masseter, and thigh muscles were investigated. esophagus and thigh muscles of only 3 of the 100 examined water buffaloes (3%) were infected with macroscopic sarcocystis, whereas at microscopic level sarcocystis were found in 83 o ...201020524065
sarcocystis dubeyi (huong and uggla, 1999) infection in water buffaloes ( bubalus bubalis ) from egypt.abstract water buffaloes ( bubalus bubalis ) are intermediate hosts for 4 species of sarcocystis , i.e., sarcocystis fusiformis and sarcocystis buffalonis with cats as definitive hosts; sarcocystis levinei with dogs as definitive hosts; and sarcocystis dubeyi with an unknown definitive host but thought to be zoonotic. currently, the latter species has been identified with certainty only from vietnam. in the present study, sarcocysts of s. dubeyi are reported in 11 (30%) of 35 egyptian water buff ...201021506768
characterization of sarcocystis fusiformis based on sequencing and pcr-rflp in water buffalo (bubalus bubalis) in iran.four sarcocystis species, i.e., sarcocystis fusiformis and sarcocystis buffalonis with cats as definitive hosts, sarcocystis levinei with dogs as definitive host, and sarcocystis dubeyi with unknown definitive host, have previously been described from water buffalo (bubalus bubalis). the aim of the present study was genetic characterization of the causative agent(s) of water buffalo sarcocystosis in khuzestan province, western iran. rflp-pcr and partial sequence analysis of 18s rdna gene were us ...201121526403
detection of sarcocystis spp. in cattle (bos taurus) and water buffaloes (bubalus bubalis) in iran by pcr-rflp.sarcocystis species are cyst-forming intracellular protozoan parasites. cattle are mainly infected with sarcocystis cruzi, sarcocystis hominis and sarcocystis hirsuta. water buffaloes are intermediate hosts for sarcocystis fusiformis, sarcocystis levinei (s. cruzi-like species), sarcocystis dubeyi, sarcocystis sinensis (s. hominis-like species) and sarcocystis buffalonis (s. hirsuta- like species). the aim of this study was identification of sarcocystis spp. in slaughtered cattle and water buffa ...201426688630
molecular differentiation of sarcocystis buffalonis and sarcocystis levinei in water buffaloes (bubalus bubalis) from sarcocystis hirsuta and sarcocystis cruzi in cattle (bos taurus).the purpose of the present study was to obtain sarcocysts of sarcocystis buffalonis and sarcocystis levinei from water buffaloes and characterize the isolates by molecular methods in order to determine whether the two species were genetically different from sarcocystis hirsuta and sarcocystis cruzi, respectively, from cattle, which had been characterized before. about 35 macroscopically visible (3-4 × 1-2 mm) and 20 barely visible (1-3 × 0.2 mm) sarcocysts were excised from the esophagus of 18 n ...201626979729
microscopical and serological studies on sarcocystis infection with first report of s. cruzi in buffaloes (bubalus bubalis) in assiut, egypt.this study was performed for the purpose of investigating the prevalence and the species composition of sarcocystis spp. in buffaloes in assiut province, egypt. macroscopically we reported the infection of buffaloes with sarcocystis fusiformis, while microscopically three sarcocystis species (sarcocystis cruzi, sarcocystis levinei and sarcocystis hominis) cysts were recognized, and were differentiated by their morphological features using both histopathological sections and electron microscope s ...201425320487
redescription of sarcocystis fusiformis sarcocysts from the water buffalo (bubalus bubalis).four valid species of sarcocystis have been reported from the water buffalo (bubalus bubalis): sarcocystis fusiformis, sarcocystis buffalonis, sarcocystis levinei and sarcocystis dubeyi. here, we redescribe structure of s. fusiformis sarcocysts by scanning and transmission electron microscopy (sem, tem). twenty-one macroscopic sarcocysts from oesophagus of the water buffalo in egypt were examined by light microscopy, sem and tem. the sarcocyst wall was up to 9 μm thick, depending on the section ...201525111676
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