morphological and molecular characterization of sarcocystis taeniata and sarcocystis pilosa n. sp. from the sika deer (cervus nippon) in lithuania.the diaphragm muscles of eight sika deer (cervus nippon) bred in lithuania were examined for sarcocystis cysts. two sarcocystis species, sarcocystis taeniata, which were previously reported in canadian moose (alces alces) and argentinean red deer (cervus elaphus), and sarcocystis pilosa n. sp. were described using light microscopy (lm), transmission electron microscopy (tem), 18s ribosomal dna (rdna), and subunit i of cytochrome c oxidase (cox1) sequences analysis. by lm, cysts of s. taeniata we ...201627086872
morphological and molecular characterization of four sarcocystis spp., including sarcocystis linearis n. sp., from roe deer (capreolus capreolus) in italy.fresh (frozen/thawed) muscle samples from four 2-12-year-old roe deer (capreolus capreolus) from the sondrio province in north-eastern italy were examined under a dissecting microscope, and about 180 sarcocysts were isolated and identified to morphological type in wet mounts by light microscopy (lm). seventy-seven of these sarcocysts were subsequently examined by molecular methods, comprising polymerase chain reaction (pcr) amplification and sequencing of the partial cytochrome c oxidase subunit ...201728255918
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