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bovine papillomavirus type 13 dna in equine sarcoids.equine sarcoids are locally aggressive fibroblastic neoplasms considered to be the most common skin tumors of horses worldwide. bovine papillomavirus types 1 and 2 have typically been associated with sarcoids in equids. investigations aiming to identify papillomavirus strains, aside from bovine papillomaviruses 1 and 2, which might be associated with sarcoid lesions, have been lacking. the aim of this article is to report the identification of a third bovine papillomavirus type, bovine papilloma ...201323637294
bovine papillomavirus type 13 expression in the urothelial bladder tumours of cattle.bovine papillomavirus type 13 (bpv-13), a novel deltapapillomavirus, has been found associated with urothelial tumours of the urinary bladder of cattle grazing on lands infested with bracken fern. bpv-13 was detected in 28 of 39 urothelial tumours. diagnosis was based on sequencing of l1 and e5 amplicons from tumour samples. the nucleotide sequences generated from these amplicons showed a 100% homology with the sequences of bpv-13 l1 and e5 dna found in brazil from a fibropapilloma of the ear in ...201625597262
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