[cruorifilaria tuberocauda (nematoda: filarioidea) in venezuelan capybaras].four filariae are known to parasitize the capybara "hydrochoerus hydrochaeris" namely the "cruorifilaria tuberocauda", eberhard, morales & orihel (1976). the "dipetalonema (alafilaria) hydrochoerus", yates (1983), and two "mansonella" recently described by eberhard, campo-aasen & orihel (1983), "mansonella longicapita" and "mansonella rotundicapita". in this study we describe the adult parasites and the microfilaria of the "cruorifilaria tuberocauda" (nematoda, filarioidea), eberhard, morales & ...19863528705
[dipetalonema (alafilaria) hydrochoerus yates (1983)].four filariae are known to parasitize the capybara "hydrochoerus hydrochaeris" namely the "cruorifilaria tuberocauda", eberhard, morales & orihel, 1976; the "dipetalonema (alafilaria) hydrochoerus", yates & jorgenson, 1983, and "mansonella longicapita" and "mansonella rotundicapita [corrected]", eberhard, campo-aasen & orihel, 1983. in this study we describe briefly the adult parasites and, the microfilaria of the species "dipetalonema (alafilaria) hydrochoerus" which were isolated from skin ni ...19863528706
[helminth parasites of capybaras (hydrochaeris hydrochaeris) on sub-region of nhecolândia, pantanal, mato grosso do sul].a sequence of 23 necropsies was carried out on capybaras (hydrochaeris hydrochaeris) from the central area of nhecolândia, pantanal region, state of mato grosso do sul, brazil, from december 1984 to december 1986. the helminths identified and their respective prevalences and mean intensity were: trichostrongylus axei--60.9 and 14, viannella hydrochoeri--95.6 and 1031, strongyloides chapini--47.8 and 1014, yatesia hydrochoerus--44.4 and 6, cruorifilaria tuberocauda--40.0 and 8, capillaria hydroch ...19948209035
vascular damage caused by cruorifilaria tuberocauda in the capybara (hydrochoerus hydrochaeris).infection with cruorifilaria tuberocauda caused vascular damage in the kidneys, lungs and heart of the capybara (hydrochoerus hydrochaeris). the most significant lesions observed were in the renal and pulmonary arteries. they consisted of villous endarteritis, intimal and medial hypertrophy of the vessel walls, and large rugose protuberances that encroached upon the lumen leading to pyramidal infarcts in the kidneys. coronary vascular lesions were related to dead and calcified parasites.1978633511
cruorifilaria tuberocauda gen. et sp. n. (nematoda: filarioidea) from the capybara, hydrochoerus hydrochaeris in colombia.cruorifilaria tuberocauda gen. et sp. n. is described from blood vessels of the kidney, heart, and lungs of the capybara, hyrochoerus hydrochaeris, in colombia, s.a. the adult worms are robust, of moderate size (females approximately 42 mm long, males about 27 mm long), and tapered at both ends. the males have unequal, dissimilar spicules, lack a gubernaculum and possess both pre- and postanal papillae. the unsheathed microfilaria is found in the peripheral blood. even though a severe tissue res ...1976957038
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