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[molecular-genetic characterization of the okhotskiy virus (okhv) and aniva virus (aniv) (orbivirus, reoviridae) isolated from the ticks ixodes (ceratixodes) uriae white, 1852 in high latitudes of the northern eurasia].molecular-genetic characteristics of the okhotskiy virus (okhv) and aniva virus (aniv) were studied (id genbank kf981623-32). these viruses are distributed over the shelf and island areas in the high latitudes in the okhotsk, bering, and barents seas and linked with nesting colonies of alcidae seabirds and their obligatory parasites, the ixodes uriae (ixodidae) ticks. okhv and aniv are observed to be independent species within the limits of the great island virus (giv) group of the orbivirus gen ...201625069281
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