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comments on controversial tick (acari: ixodida) species names and species described or resurrected from 2003 to 2008.there are numerous discrepancies in recent published lists of the ticks of the world. here we review the controversial names, presenting evidence for or against their validity and excluding some altogether. we also address spelling errors and present a list of 17 species described or resurrected during the years 2003-2008. we consider the following 35 tick species names to be invalid: argas fischeri audouin, 1826, ornithodoros boliviensis kohls and clifford, 1964, ornithodoros steini (schulze, 1 ...200919169832
'candidatus rickettsia nicoyana': a novel rickettsia species isolated from ornithodoros knoxjonesi in costa rica.rickettsiae are intracellular bacteria commonly associated with hematophagous arthropods. most of them have been described in hard ticks, but some have been found in soft ticks. here we report the detection and isolation of a new rickettsia from ornithodoros knoxjonesi larvae collected from balantiopteryx plicata (emballonuridae) in nicoya, costa rica. two ticks were processed to detect rickettsia spp. genes glta, ompa, ompb, and htra by pcr. part of the macerate was also inoculated into vero e6 ...201728268195
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