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[tick-borne arboviruses associated with marine birds; a general review (author's transl)].about forty different arboviruses have been isolated from ticks associated with marine birds along all the coast of the world. the majority of these viruses belongs to 8 serogroups: hughes, b, kemerovo, quaranfil, nyamanini, sakhalin, unkuniemi and upolu, while some others are non-grouped arboviruses. two kinds of specialized ticks chiefly harbour these arboviruses: 1. the ticks of ornitbodoros capensis complex from tropical, subtropical and temperate zones - 2. the ticks ixodes uriae (= i. putu ...19807442512
ixodes signatus (ixodoidea: ixodidae) parasitizing pigeon guillemots on the channel islands, california. 19817288839
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