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association patterns of ticks (acari: ixodida: ixodidae, argasidae) of small mammals in cerrado fragments, western brazil.the present study describes ticks associated with small mammals and analyzes the aggregation patterns according to seasonal and host variations in the cerrado biome, central-western brazil. small mammals were systematically captured in 54 woodland fragments from february 2012 to july 2013. a total of 1,040 animals belonging to eight marsupial and 12 rodent species were captured; 265 animals were parasitized by eight tick species (in decreasing order of abundance): ornithodoros mimon, amblyomma c ...201525633262
ticks (acari: ixodidae) associated with small terrestrial mammals in the state of minas gerais, southeastern brazil.from june 2005 to november 2010, 43 small mammals encompassing 6 species of didelphimorphia, 8 species of rodentia, and 1 species of lagomorpha were found parasitized by ticks in the state of minas gerais, southeastern brazil. nine tick species, in total 186 specimens, were identified as follows: amblyomma cajennense (larvae and nymphs) on opossums and rodents; amblyomma ovale (nymphs) on rodents; amblyomma parvum (nymphs) on rodents; amblyomma coelebs (nymphs) on opossums; amblyomma dubitatum ( ...201222585005
[notes on ticks. iii. confirmation of ixodes aragaoi fonseca 1935, ixodes amarali fonseca 1935; list of brazilian species of the genus ixodes (acari: ixodidae)]. 195213012857
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