ornithodoros faccinii n. sp. (acari: ixodida: argasidae) parasitizing the frog thoropa miliaris (amphibia: anura: cycloramphidae) in brazil.most argasid ticks from the neotropical region are parasites of mammals and birds, with a few records from reptiles. many species of the genus ornithodoros are known only through larval descriptions, and their chaetotaxy and morphological characteristics have been used to separate the taxa. in the present study, we describe the larva and the nymph of first instar of a new species of the genus ornithodoros that was collected from frogs of the species thoropa miliaris.201525963542
ticks parasitizing bats (mammalia: chiroptera) in the caatinga biome, this paper, the authors report ticks parasitizing bats from the serra das almas natural reserve (rppn) located in the municipality of crateús, state of ceará, in the semiarid caatinga biome of northeastern brazil. the study was carried out during nine nights in the dry season (july 2012) and 10 nights in the rainy season (february 2013). only bats of the phyllostomidae and mormoopidae families were parasitized by ticks. the species artibeus planirostris and carolia perspicillata were the most ...201627982297
description of adults and nymph, and redescription of the larva, of ornithodoros marinkellei (acari:argasidae), with data on its phylogenetic position.the argasid tick ornithodoros marinkellei kohls, clifford, and jones, 1969 was described 4 decades ago based on larval specimens collected from bats (pteronotus spp.) in colombia and panama. thereafter, larval o. marinkellei parasitizing bats were reported from venezuela, guyana, and brazil. herein, we describe the adults and nymph, and redescribe the larva of o. marinkellei based on specimens recently collected in the western brazilian amazon region. in contrast to all other known adult argasid ...201121506769
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