a molecular study of the genus spelaeomyia (diptera: phlebotominae) with description of the male of spelaeomyia moucheti.the genus spelaeomyia includes four african species considered as being cavernicolous: spelaeomyia darlingi, spelaeomyia mirabilis, spelaeomyia emilii and spelaeomyia moucheti. despite a potential role in leishmania major leishmaniasis transmission in mali, no molecular studies and only few morphological studies have addressed relationships between species of spelaeomyia.201627357585
exploring the diversity of blood-sucking diptera in caves of central africa.caves house pathogenic microorganisms, some of which are transmitted by blood-sucking arthropods. in africa, previous studies identified mosquitoes, sand flies and biting midges as the main potential vectors of cave-dwelling pathogens. however, to understand their involvement in pathogen spillover, it is crucial to characterize their diversity, community composition and dynamics. using cdc light traps, we collected hematophagous diptera in six caves of gabon during one-shot or longitudinal sampl ...201728325914
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