[american cutaneous leishmaniasis in a military training center located in zona da mata, pernambuco, brazil].an outbreak of american cutaneous leishmaniasis has been occurred in military training unit localized in 'zona da mata' of pernambuco state, brazil, where were registered 26 human cases. an epidemiological survey was carried out by entomological investigation and montenegro skin test (mst). lutzomyia choti presents predominance (89.9%) in sandflies identified. out of 545 men who realized training activities were 24.12% positive to mst.19989859704
[phlebotomine sandflies in fragments of rain forest in recife, pernambuco state].an investigation was conducted into the distribution of sandfly fauna in 4 fragments of atlantic forest in the metropolitan area of recife. it consisted of the capture adult insects using cdc light traps. a total of 1,173 specimens were distributed in 11 species of lutzomyia: lutzomyia evandroi, lutzomyia choti, lutzomyia walkeri, lutzomyia umbratilis, lutzomyia brasiliensis, lutzomyia sordellii, lutzomyia claustrei, lutzomyia wellcomei, lutzomyia fluviatilis, lutzomyia furcata e lutzomyia araga ...200515895182
[molecular diagnosis of the natural infection rate due to leishmania sp in sandflies (psychodidae, lutzomyia) in the amazon region of maranhão, brazil].the natural infection rate due to leishmania was studied in three different sandfly species using the polymerase chain reaction technique. leishmania specific primers were designed to examine whether sandfly pools were infected. in total 1,100 female sandflies separated into pools of 10 individuals, consisting of 50 pools of lutzomyia whitmani, 43 of lutzomyia triacantha and 17 of lutzomyia choti, were analyzed. among all the pools examined, four pools of lutzomyia whitmani were positive, but no ...200617308698
contribution to the knowledge of the phlebotomine sand flies fauna (diptera: psychodidae) of timóteo municipality, minas gerais, investigation of the phlebotomine sandfloy fauna in the municipality of timóteo, minas gerais state, brazil, was undertaken with new jersey traps placed in seven neighborhoods from december 2005 to january 2006. a total of 2,289 phlebotomine sandfloy specimens were recorded. nyssomyia whitmani (antunes & coutinho) (48.1%), nyssomyia intermedia (lutz & neiva) (36.8%) and micropygomyia quinquefer (dyar) (7.1%) were the most abundant species sampled. some sandfloy species that play a role in the ...200919488518
sand fly fauna (diptera: psychodidae: phlebotominae) in an area of leishmaniasis transmission in the municipality of rio branco, state of acre, brazil.notifications concerning american cutaneous leishmaniasis have increased in recent years in the state of acre, brazil. despite identification of distinct leishmania species isolated from cutaneous lesions, there are still no records of visceral leishmaniasis in the state. however, studies on the sand fly fauna in this region are still limited.201425103985
the phlebotomine sand flies fauna in parque estadual do rio doce, minas gerais, brazil.phlebotomine sand flies are dipterans of the family psychodidae. they are very important to veterinary medicine because some species are vectors of infective forms of leishmania spp., the etiological agents of leishmaniasis. the parque estadual do rio doce is located in an area with constant reports of cases of leishmaniasis. in order to better understanding the phlebotamine sand fly fauna of the park, the present work was undertaken with the goal of analyzing phlebotomine sand flies collected t ...201526626880
sand fly population dynamics and cutaneous leishmaniasis among soldiers in an atlantic forest remnant in northeastern brazil.outbreaks of cutaneous leishmaniasis are relatively common among soldiers involved in nocturnal activities in tropical forests. we investigated the population dynamics of sand flies in a military training camp located in a remnant of atlantic rainforest in northeastern brazil, where outbreaks of cutaneous leishmaniasis have sporadically been described. from july 2012 to july 2014, light traps were monthly placed in 10 collection sites, being nine sites located near the forest edge and one near a ...201728241005
phlebotomines in an area endemic for american cutaneous leishmaniasis in northeastern coast of brazil.phlebotomines have worldwide distribution with many species present in brazil, including the northeastern region, where the fauna is very diverse. the aim of this study was to identify the sandfly fauna in an area endemic for american cutaneous leishmaniasis (acl) in the state of pernambuco. sandflies were caught on three consecutive nights every month from october 2015 to september 2016, from 5 pm to 5 am, using seven light traps of centers for disease control (cdc) type. females were identifie ...201728902258
new records of phlebotomine sand flies (diptera: psychodidae) from the state of alagoas, northeast of brazil.phlebotomine sand flies are small insects of great medical importance. this study presents new records of phlebotomine sand flies, which augment the list of species, recorded in the state of alagoas, brazil. sand flies were collected using cdc miniature light traps. collections were made between november 2008 and april 2016, in 47 municipalities within the state of alagoas. twenty-seven thousand two-hundred forty-four sand flies were collected, representing 18 species in seven genera. lutzomyia ...201829029319
sand fly fauna (diptera: psychodidae) from the goytacazes national forest and surrounding areas of southeastern brazil.most studies of the sand fly fauna in southeastern brazil are conducted in the peridomiciliary environment of leishmaniasis endemic regions. therefore, to increase the knowledge about diversity and richness of sand fly conservation areas, we describe here the sand fly fauna from the national forest of goytacazes (nfg), state of espírito santo, brazil, and its surroundings areas. we also used sand fly fauna records from eight conservations units within the state of espírito santo to understand th ...201526047181
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