new records for mosquito species (diptera: culicidae) in argentina.the geographical distributions for aedes fluviatilis, culex acharistus, culex apicinus, culex coronator, culex dolosus, culex quinquefasciatus, culex saltanensis, psorophora paulli, psorophora varinervis, and uranotaenia apicalis are extended. new records for 6 provinces of argentina are given.19957595451
culex saltanensis morphological redescription of the immature and adult stages.culex (culex) saltanensis is redescribed in the adult, pupal, and larval stages. the male genitalia, pupae, and 4th-stage larvae are illustrated. information about distribution, bionomics, and taxonomy is included. culex saltanensis adults are separated from the closely related species cx. (cux.) coronator on the basis of morphometric characters.200818666526
classification of immature stage habitats of culicidae (diptera) collected in córdoba, order to classify mosquito immature stage habitats, samples were taken in 42 localities of córdoba province, argentina, representing the phytogeographic regions of chaco, espinal and pampa. immature stage habitats were described and classified according to the following criteria: natural or artificial; size; location related to light and neighboring houses; vegetation; water; permanence, movement, turbidity and ph. four groups of species were associated based on the habitat similarity by mean ...19968734943
culex saltanensis dyar, 1928--natural vector of plasmodium juxtanucleare in rio de janeiro, brazil.searching for the natural vector of plasmodium juxtanucleare in an enzootic locality: granjas calábria (33% of the chickens infected), jacarepaguá, in rio de janeiro, brazil, 13 comparative captures of mosquitoes were carried out, simultaneously on man (out-doors) and on chicken (in a poultry-yard), between 6 and 9 p.m., from september 1988 to march 1989. culex saltanensis was the most frequent species in captures on chicken, accounting for 41.7% of the mosquitoes collected on this bait, showing ...19911842406
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