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caiman-biting mosquitoes and the natural vectors of hepatozoon caimani in brazil.mosquitoes that feed on crocodilians are poorly known, despite the potential role of these exothermic animals as reservoirs of arboviruses. in this article, we assessed the frequency, abundance, and temporal variation of caiman-biting mosquitoes as well as searched for the natural vectors of the blood parasite of caimans, hepatozoon caimani, in the pantanal area of central-western brazil from captures conducted bimonthly from september 2006 to september 2007 and in february 2008. a total of 5,27 ...201020695284
phenotypic plasticity in response to seasonal variation in populations of culex (melanoconion) bastagarius.the present study aimed to determine the effects of seasonal variation on phenotypic variation in culex bastagarius, using geometric morphometric analysis based on wing shape and size. samples were collected in the guapiaçu ecological reserve, in rio de janeiro, brazil. mosquitoes were captured once every 2 months (december 2012-january 2014) using light traps. the results of geometric morphometric analysis revealed variations in wing size; however, variability was not evident in wing shape. the ...201628206857
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