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larval habitats and seasonal abundance of culicoides biting midges found in association with sheep in northern sardinia, italy.between january 2005 and december 2006, the larval habitats and seasonal abundances of 21 species of culicoides (diptera: ceratopogonidae) found in association with livestock on a farm in northern sardinia were studied. culicoides were collected using two light traps (one placed in a sheep shed and the other near water ponds) and reared from mud collected in and along the margins of a small and a large water pond. the mammalophilic culicoides imicola kieffer and culicoides newsteadi austen were ...201020604864
biting midges monitoring (diptera: ceratopogonidae: culicoides latreille) in the governate of monastir (tunisia): species composition and molecular investigations.the results of entomological studies carried out in the governate of monastir (tunisia) in 2009-2010 (captures and emergences from muds) focusing on culicoides species are presented in the present study. identification of culicoides at the species level is based on morphological characters, and a molecular study has been carried out based on mitochondrial dna cytochrome c oxidase i gene (coi) and d1 and d2 domains of the 28s rdna. the dna sequences reported here are related to 10 species (on 25 ...201424825311
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