integrative taxonomy methods reveal high mealybug (hemiptera: pseudococcidae) diversity in southern brazilian fruit crops.the serra gaúcha region is the most important temperate fruit-producing area in southern brazil. despite mealybugs (hemiptera: pseudococcidae) infesting several host plants in the region, there is a lack of information about the composition of species damaging different crops. a survey of mealybug species associated with commercial fruit crops (apple, persimmon, strawberry and grapes) was performed in serra gaúcha between 2013 and 2015, using both morphology and dna analyses for species identifi ...201729147020
molecular and morphological identification of mealybug species (hemiptera: pseudococcidae) in brazilian vineyards.mealybugs (hemiptera: pseudococcidae) are pests constraining the international trade of brazilian table grapes. they damage grapes by transmitting viruses and toxins, causing defoliation, chlorosis, and vigor losses and favoring the development of sooty mold. difficulties in mealybug identification remain an obstacle to the adequate management of these pests. in this study, our primary aim was to identify the principal mealybug species infesting the major table grape-producing regions in brazil, ...201425062012
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