[relationships of parasitic triad co-members in a tuva natural plague focus: environmental and physiological aspects (experimental studies)].long-term experimental studies of the environmental and physiological aspects of relationships of parasitic triad co-members, performed in a tuva natural plague, by using citellophilus tesquorum altaicus fleas, their natural feeder--a long-tailed siberian souslik (citellus undulatus), and the yersinia pestis strain i-3226 that is typical of the focus were analyzed. a complex of biotic (the environmental features of a causative agent, avector, and a carrier) and abiotic (air temperature and moist ...200415689135
[reservation forms of plague infectious agent in tuva natural focus].data characterizing the reservation forms of plague infectious agent in tuva natural focus are presented in the review. yersinia pestis was shown to persist most of the year in citellophilus tesquorum altaicus imago --the main carrier, getting into the animal organism only for a short time. an increased ability to aggregate in autumn and accumulate in clumps of c. tesquorum altaicus females that are more adapted to survive the cold season compared with males promote the persistence of the microo ...201223163049
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