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west nile virus viremia in eastern chipmunks (tamias striatus) sufficient for infecting different eastern chipmunks (tamias striatus) inoculated intramuscularly with 101.5 to 105.7 pfu of west nile virus (wnv), serum titers developed sufficient to infect aedes triseriatus (say), ae. vexans (meigen), and culex pipiens (l.). mean titers (95% confidence interval) of 8 chipmunks were 103.9(3.3-4.5), 106.7(6.4-7.0), and 105.8(4.1-7.5) pfu/ml on days 1-3 postinoculation (p.i.) and 105.8 pfu/ml in 1 chipmunk on day 4 p.i. mean estimated days that wnv titers were >104.8 and >105.6 were 1.7 (1.1-2 ...200717553220
west nile virus associations in wild mammals: a synthesis.exposures to west nile virus (wnv) have been documented in a variety of wild mammals in both the new and old worlds. this review tabulates at least 100 mammal species with evidence of wnv exposure. many of these exposures were detected in free-ranging mammals, while several were noted in captive individuals. in addition to exposures, this review discusses experimental infections in terms of the potential for reservoir competence of select wild mammal species. overall, few experimental infections ...201323212739
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