flea, rodent, and plague ecology at chuchupate campground, ventura county, california.chuchupate campground in ventura county, california, was closed to the public for 18 years (1982 to 2000) because of uncontrolled vector fleas and persistent plague antibody titers in rodents. the primary purpose of this study was to clarify the plague ecology of chuchupate campground by identifying involved rodents and their vector fleas and by determining many of their ecological parameters: abundance, flea and host preferences and diversities, and flea seasonality. rodents and fleas were iden ...200212125863
use of a chitin synthesis inhibitor to control fleas on wild rodents important in the maintenance of plague, yersinia pestis, in california.a study was designed to test the insect development inhibitors fluazuron and lufenuron for the control of fleas on sylvatic rodents as an adjunct to the control of plague. historical data of flea burden from 15 prior years of study at chuchupate campground, ventura county, ca, were compared to six years of treatment period data to determine if fluazuron and lufenuron were effective in controlling flea densities. the insect development inhibitors, delivered systemically via a feed cube, reduced f ...200819263847
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