[application of best subsets regression on the risk classification for spermophilus dauricus focus].to study the risk classification of animal plague in spermophilus dauricus focus, using the best subsets regression (bsr) model.201424739558
the trophic responses of two different rodent-vector-plague systems to climate change.plague, the causative agent of three devastating pandemics in history, is currently a re-emerging disease, probably due to climate change and other anthropogenic changes. without understanding the response of plague systems to anthropogenic or climate changes in their trophic web, it is unfeasible to effectively predict years with high risks of plague outbreak, hampering our ability for effective prevention and control of the disease. here, by using surveillance data, we apply structural equatio ...201525540277
[advance to the research of the climate factor effect on the distribution of plague].plague is an anthropozoonotic disease caused by the yersinia pestis ,which developed by many factors including local climate factors. in recent years, more and more studies on the effects of climate on plague were conducted. according to the researches, climate factors (mainly the rainfall and temperature) affected the development and distribution of plague by influencing the abundance of plague host animals and fleas index. the climate also affected the epidemic dynamics and the scope of plague ...201627141906
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