genetic and serologic analysis of black creek canal virus and its association with human disease and sigmodon hispidus creek canal (bcc) virus is a newly identified virus associated with hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (hps) in the southeastern united states. nucleotide sequences were determined for the complete s and m and partial l genomic segments of a bcc virus isolate. phylogenetic analysis indicates that each of the virus segments is unique, and there is no evidence of genetic reassortment having occurred between this and other previously characterized hantaviruses. all hantavirus-seropositive, wild-ca ...19957618284
hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in florida: association with the newly identified black creek canal virus.hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (hps) is a recently recognized viral zoonosis. the first recognized cases were caused by a newly described hantavirus. sin nombre virus (previously known as muerto canyon virus), isolated from peromyscus maniculatus (deer mouse). we describe a 33-year-old floridian man who resided outside the ecologic range of p maniculatus but was found to have serologic evidence of a hantavirus infection during evaluation of azotemia associated with adult respiratory distress synd ...19968579086
polarized entry and release in epithelial cells of black creek canal virus, a new world creek canal (bcc) virus is a newly identified hantavirus from florida which is carried by the cotton rat (sigmodon hispidus) and is associated with hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (hps). we have investigated the interaction of bcc virus with polarized epithelial cells to examine whether entry and release of this virus occur at specific plasma membrane domains. the polarized vero c1008 monkey kidney cell line was grown on permeable filters and infected with bcc virus either through the apical ...19978995636
cocirculation of multiple hantaviruses in texas, with characterization of the small (s) genome of a previously undescribed virus of cotton rats (sigmodon hispidus).an environmental and laboratory investigation was conducted after a fatal childhood case of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome occurred in deaf smith county, texas in may 1995. a trapping campaign was conducted to identify possible rodent carriers. six species of murid and heteromyid rodents were collected, and at least one hantavirus-seropositive specimen was found in each of the five murid species. tissues from a selection of 11 seropositive specimens were examined by the polymerase chain reaction ...19969025697
genetic reassortment among viruses causing hantavirus pulmonary order to determine the frequency and characteristics of reassortment among viruses causing hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (hps), mixed infections were initiated in tissue culture by using two closely related strains of sin nombre virus, cc107 (from eastern california) and nmr11 (from new mexico), which share the same species of rodent host in nature, the deer mouse (peromyscus maniculatus). potential reassortant virus plaques were screened by multiplex rt-pcr, using primers specific for indivi ...19989501041
a survey of hantavirus antibody in small-mammal populations in selected united states national parks.hantavirus activity in 39 national parks in the eastern and central united states was surveyed by testing 1,815 small mammals of 38 species for antibody reactive to sin nombre virus. antibody-positive rodents were found throughout the area sampled, and in most biotic communities. antibody was detected in 7% of 647 deer mice (peromyscus maniculatus), 2% of 590 white-footed mice (p. leucopus), 17% of 12 rice rats (oryzomys palustris), 3% of 31 cotton rats (sigmodon hispidus), and 33% of 18 western ...19989574803
black creek canal virus infection in sigmodon hispidus in southern florida.a total of 1,500 small mammals were collected and tested for antibodies cross-reactive to sin nombre virus (hantavirus: bunyaviridae) at 89 sites in a 1,600 km2 study area of southern florida. more than 95% of the 123 seropositive animals were cotton rats (sigmodon hispidus), suggesting infection by black creek canal virus, although seroreactive rattus rattus (5 of 294) and peromyscus gossypinus (1 of 39) also were captured. crude seroprevalence in s. hispidus was 11%. seroprevalence increased w ...19989840584
a longitudinal study of bayou virus, hosts, and habitat.what is currently known about the ecology of north american hantaviruses has come largely from studies on sin nombre virus (snv). we conducted a longitudinal study of bayou virus (bayv), the second-leading agent of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in the united states. antibodies to hantavirus were detected from oryzomys palustris (most commonly infected species), sigmodon hispidus, peromyscus leucopus, reithrodontomys fulvescens, and baiomys taylori. however, only o. palustris had viral rna in tis ...200516354810
bayou virus detected in non-oryzomyine rodent hosts: an assessment of habitat composition, reservoir community structure, and marsh rice rat social the united states, bayou virus (bayv) ranks second only to sin nombre virus (snv) in terms of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (hps) incidents, having been confirmed in cases from texas and louisiana since its discovery in 1994. this study on bayv infection among sympatric, non-oryzomyine rodents ("spillover") in freeport, tx, is the first to link patterns of hantavirus interspecific spillover with the spatiotemporal ecology of the primary host (marsh rice rat, oryzomys palustris). mark-recaptur ...200920836801
muleshoe virus and other hantaviruses associated with neotomine or sigmodontine rodents in texas.the broad objective of this study was to increase our knowledge of muleshoe virus and other hantaviruses associated with cricetid rodents in texas. anti-hantavirus antibody was found in 38 (3.2%) of 1171 neotomine rodents and 6 (1.8%) of 332 sigmodontine rodents from 10 texas counties; hantaviral rna was detected in 23 (71.9%) of 32 antibody-positive rodents. analyses of nucleocapsid protein gene sequences indicated muleshoe virus infection in four hispid cotton rats (sigmodon hispidus) from nor ...201728714801
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