studies on plague in the eastern cape province of south africa.investigations were carried out in the area of a human plague outbreak in march 1982 at coega in the eastern cape province of south africa. trapping revealed that rodent populations were high owing primarily to a population increase of the four-striped mouse, rhabdomys pumilio. flea populations were low and had been declining in the eastern cape province since october 1981. the results of a serological survey from march to october 1982 showed haemagglutinating antibody to yersinia pestis in 0.35 ...19836665833
plague in south african rodents 1972-1981.sera from 3012 rodents of 24 species captured in south africa during the period 1972-81 were tested for antibody to the fraction 1 antigen of yersinia pestis by passive haemagglutination. antibodies were found in seven (0.23%) rodents of three species. these were desmodillus auricularis and tatera brantsii in the northern cape province and rhabdomys pumilio in the eastern cape province. rodents were found positive in 1972, 1974, 1975 and 1979, indicating that plague continues to circulate in rod ...19836868103
epifaunistic arthropod parasites of the four-striped mouse, rhabdomys pumilio, in the western cape province, south africa.flea, lice, mite, and tick species associated with 510 rhabdomys pumilio were collected at 9 localities in the western cape province, south africa. the aims of the study were first to quantify the species richness, prevalence, and relative mean intensity of infestation of epifaunistic arthropod species associated with r. pumilio, and second to determine temporal variations in the mean abundance of the parasitic arthropods. each mouse was examined under a stereoscopic microscope and its parasites ...200717436941
experimental plague infection in south african wild rodents.susceptibility studies were undertaken to determine the response of some south african wild rodent species to experimental plague (yersinia pestis) infection. a degree of plague resistance was found in three gerbil species captured in the plague enzootic region of the northern cape province, these being the namaqua gerbil, desmodillus auricularis, (ld50 1 x 10(6) organisms), the bushveld gerbil, tatera leucogaster, (ld50 9.1 x 10(5)) and the highveld gerbil, t. brantsii (ld50 4 x 10(2)). animals ...19863701038
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