angiostrongylus malaysiensis from tuaran, sabah, with reference to the distribution of the parasite in malaysia.a survey of angiostrongylus malaysiensis among wild rodent and molluscan hosts was made in the tuaran central agricultural research station and within the vicinity of tuaran, sabah. three of 19 rattus rattus diardii, one of 2 r. exulans and one r. argentiventer were found naturally infected with the parasite. in this survey 56 of 382 molluscs comprising of pila scutata, achatina fulica and two species of land slugs, laevicaulis alte and microparmarion malayanus, were found naturally infected wit ...19761030843
biodiversity and macroparasitic distribution of the wild rat population of carey island, klang.a study to determine the diversity and distribution of ectoparasites and endoparasites infesting wild rat population of carey island was carried out from june to december 2010. a total of 81 rats were captured from various locations on carey island. four rat species were identified namely, rattus tiomanicus (45.7%), rattus rattus diardii (25.9%), rattus argentiventer (16%) and rattus norvegicus (12.3%). low diversity of ecto and endoparasites were observed infecting the rodent population with 8 ...201323959485
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